The Fourth of July holiday is said to be the official kick off to summer. In preparation, we have compiled a songbook filled with 10 Campfire Songs Your Kids Should Know. Growing up in a family where we sang all the time, I thought everyone sang around the campfire like us. As a teacher, I see so many kids who don’t know these traditional songs I know by heart. I realize it is my obligation to keep these songs alive and you can help! There are so many huge benefits to singing with your child. You can improve cognitive functions all while having fun which is the way learning should be. So print out the songbook and start making memories!


  • breaks down barriers
  • fosters creativity
  • young children acquire language
  • improves personal confidence
  • brings people together, literally
  • builds vocabulary (camphorated oil need I say more)
  • promotes greater physical fitness, well-being and natural health
  • creates a huge sense of personal and group achievement
  • IT’S FUN!!!!