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learning at circle time through playful, brain-based strategies.

Are you “stuck in a rut” at circle time?

Join The Circle and you’ll have click-and-go, done for you activities just waiting to help you fall in love with circle time.

Let me start

with a little story

Twenty two years ago I got my first teaching job. I was so excited!

I moved all of my belongings to Port Orchard, Washington. It was a beautiful little town right on Puget Sound. I could smell the ocean every time I stepped outside. For this small town girl from Montana, it was a dream come true.

Or so I thought.

My first day I quickly realized I had no classroom discipline skills (a small detail they forgot to share with me in college) and I had about 3 activities planned that took all of 5 minutes to teach.

Fast forward 20+ years later and the battle scars, tears and memories of wanting to quit every other day feel like a distant memory. I survived thanks to amazing colleagues and a lot of training which gave me the tools to teach in a way that not only engaged children, but got them excited about learning. The best part was I realized I actually do love teaching!

Here’s the crazy thing, turns out I had the tools to stop a moving train, but I had no idea how to use them.

What are they? Music and movement. Two highly-effective yet extremely underused strategies most classroom teachers don’t realize are available.

When you learn to embrace the power of music and movement in your classroom you’ll not only gain the attention of your class a whole lot faster, but they’ll stay engaged allowing you to teach everything from rhyming to reading.

I’m now on a mission to share this secret with teachers just like you so you can stop dreading and start loving circle time!


what teachers are saying

This Friday’s email activity arrived just in time for me to implement this morning in our weekly Move and Groove program! Love getting activities that can be used right away!


Teri Skakum, Member of The Circle since 2020

The Circle is right for you if…

You are a highly-motivated teacher who’s tired of struggling to get kids engaged at circle time and ready to seek out ways to improve your circle times, but grow in all areas of your teaching.


Because you are committed to making a positive impact on every child who you have the privilege to teach.

Raise Your Hand If You

  • Spend your planning time on Pinterest and YouTube searching for activities that “might” engage your kids at circle time…. #BeenThereToo.

  • Sing the same Hello Song ALL YEAR LONG and it’s making you crazy!

  • Purchase activities on Teachers Pay Teachers that look like they’ll work only to find out they make no sense

  • Stuck in the traditional circle time routine that everyone dreads ie. calendar, shapes, weather and you repeat it EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!

Now imagine if

  • You can hardly wait for circle time because you know your kids will love what you have to share.

  • You always have a great mix of circle time activities at your finger tips making planning time quick and easy.

  • You often connect with teachers from all around the world who help you find solutions that work.

  • stay excited about teaching by attending monthly trainings on topics that help you learn and grow.

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*Guaranteed 4 STARS hours for WA State Teachers every year.

“I love the support the members give each other and the encouragement Jocelyn always gives to each of us! This adult interaction with loving, committed teachers has really been a valuable resource to me! I love the various perspectives and knowledge each person brings to our group.”

I bring many years of experience working with children and I understand how research can be applied in the classroom. I utilize music and movement at circle time which decreases challenging behaviors and increases engagement, comprehension. The trainings and activities that I share have all been proven to work. I teach using a integrative method meaning no subject is ever isolated. All activities teach the whole child and across the curriculum. My style of teaching sets teachers and children up for success and promotes community, connection and a learning environment where all children can thrive.

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