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What is Circle Time Success?

Any teacher with experience working with young children knows that circle time and chaos can often go hand in hand.

Circle Time Success makes the experience fun, engaging and developmentally accessible for ALL learners. How? By tapping into the power of music and its sidekick, movement.

Through hands-on, interactive activities, circle time becomes a space where children love to learn and teachers love to teach.

Once teachers understand how to create a circle time environment where kids want to engage, their confidence and overall joy for teaching also increases.

The success doesn’t just end at circle time. These skills can be used all throughout the day. This makes managing children far less stressful and much more enjoyable.

Circle Time Success
Circle Time Success

3 Benefits of


#1. It’s Inclusive Circle time lends itself to creating a space where every child not only feels accepted, but celebrated. Multi-sensory opportunities are around every corner from instrument play to interactive story times. This approach allows learners with varying abilities to feel successful learning alongside their peers. Many activities inside the curriculum also include suggested accommodations to help teachers level the playing field even more.

#2. Active Engagement That’s a fancy way of saying Circle Time Success is not a spectators’ sport.  Because the activities are highly engaging using a multi-sensory approach, this By tapping into multiple senses, this active way of learning decreases behavior issues and  increases engagement.  This makes teaching more fun for teachers and learning more fun for kids.   

#3. Teach Across the Curriculum From cognitive to social and emotional skills, the activities in Circle Time Success bring purpose to play.  Each activity contains key objectives that meet the standards early childhood educators are working toward each and every day.

What’s Included in the Circle Time Success Curriculum?

Just like the differing needs of students in the classroom, teachers also need support in different areas for circle time success. Check out the variety of ways we can support you. Then select the curriculum package that works best for your school.


Jana | Circle Time Success

“Thank you a million times Jocelyn Manzanarez! My students LOVE the songs and activities. They are more engaged than ever before. This has been the hardest year to be a teacher. Half of my classroom is on IEP services. One is completely blind. He loves music and is thriving because of the songs you have taught me. Thank you for your support. Thank you for mentoring and caring so much about teachers. It has been incredible!”

– Jana (Wheatland, Wyoming, Head Start Teacher)

Jana | Circle Time Success

“I talk about your activities so much…BECAUSE THEY WORK!!!

My circle times are so much more fun and the most rewarding part is when you hear the children singing away while they are playing throughout the day.”

-Karlien (Beijing, China, EY3 teacher at the International School of Beijing)


Throughout their respective careers as an early childhood music educator and board-certified music therapist, Jocelyn Manzanarez and Rachel Rambach have learned by way of research and hands-on experience what does and doesn’t work when teaching children.

Their mutual love of helping children learn and develop through storytelling, movement, music, and play-based interaction brought Jocelyn and Rachel together to create Circle Time Success.

Bringing a combined 40+ years of experience to the table, their goal is to help educators facilitate fun while meeting & exceeding early childhood development standards.

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