Weather Songs for Circle Time

No preschool weather-themed lesson plan would be complete without some really fun weather songs to incorporate at circle time. Many state standards actually require teachers to teach children how to observe and identify weather from day to day.  It’s easy to teach about weather because it is something they have hands-on experience with each and every day.

Living in Seattle, we get a fair amount of the wet stuff so it’s a no brainer to include lots of rain-themed activities when teaching all about weather for me. I can’t wait to share them with you. So, let’s jump right in – splash!


Since we get SO MUCH rain, children know from a very young age all about umbrellas. “Come Under My Umbrella” is a great song to sing even if you don’t live in a rainy climate (must be nice). It allows us to incorporate a fun prop that often gets left in the closet because it’s hard to find a purposeful activity for it. Can you guess the prop? The parachute!

Don’t worry, if a parachute isn’t in your arsenal, you can easily modify. Use a bed sheet or even a large scarf if your group is small. Before I forget to mention it (because I never think of this 3 letter word “sun”)… if sunny skies are plentiful in your neck of the woods, you might want to show your kiddos a picture of an umbrella so they can have a frame of reference to know what the heck you are talking about. Just as I might want to show kids in Seattle a picture of a shovel (for the record, it snowed 7 inches on Christmas).

Check out the video below then scroll down to print the activity guides for all 3 weather activities below.


Checking the day’s weather is an activity many teachers do every day at circle time.  Therefore, finding a song that is catchy and easy to learn is a must.  “What’s the Weather Like Today” is simple because I wrote it to a familiar tune most everyone knows, “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain”.

The concept of having children being able to observe and identify weather from day to day is a pre-K standard in science for many schools across the country. So not only will children be having fun, but you can feel good knowing you are checking that box.

The song has many variations and I suggest mixing it up every week or so to keep the learning fresh and kids engaged.  Actually, how to keep kids engaged at circle time is often one of my most asked questions from teachers. One of the most effective ways…keep it fresh and fun! Who likes to eat the same meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day? Not this girl and I bet you don’t either. Think about the activities you repeat day in and day out at circle time. Would you stay engaged if you knew what to expect every time? Probably not. So make sure to keep those songs and activities rotatin’.

Wonder what the song looks like in action? Check out the video below.

{Click here to download the activity guides for all 3 activities!}


Yep, we’ve got one more song and guess what, it’s about rain! Clearly it is on my mind as I watch it pour with no sign of sun in our future.  This song is awesome for many reasons. One is because it is written in a minor key and kids love songs in minor. For those of you who aren’t familiar with what that means, click here to hear a song in minor.  The other reason is the actions keep kids’ hands busy. Get what that means? They will be engaged! Check out the video below. Then be sure to download the activity guide too.