Old McDonald Had a Haunted House

Halloween is just around the corner and I bet your little ones will go batty over this festive song! “Old McDonald Had a Haunted House” takes that popular farm song (you know the one?!?) and creates a perfect rendition for this time of year.

Old MacDonald had a haunted house,

E – I – E – I – Boo!

And in that house there was a bat,

E – I – E – I – Boo!

To add an additional layer of fun, engagement and a literacy connection, add a visual for everything in his house!

Don’t have time to source all the pictures? No worries, just click here or fill out the form at the bottom of the email. You’ll be able to download the activity pack for FREE! It includes the song sheet, activity guide and printables with character names (just like the one below) so you can start singing the song right away!

Happy Halloween!