I bring many years of experience working with children and I understand how research can be applied in the classroom. I utilize music and movement at circle time which decreases challenging behaviors and increases engagement, comprehension. The trainings and activities that I share have all been proven to work. I teach using a integrative method meaning no subject is ever isolated. All activities teach the whole child and across the curriculum. My style of teaching sets teachers and children up for success and promotes community, connection and a learning environment where all children can thrive.

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My Philosophy

EVERY teacher is capable of leading an engaging and educational circle time; all you need are the right tools. That’s where Circle Time Success comes in.  Jocelyn and Rachel are not only opening up their vault of tried-and-true circle time activities, but they are also showing you how to use them in a way that makes learning JOYFUL.  

Designed for childcare centers and preschools, Circle Time Success provides a curriculum that works. 

Whether you’re a new early childhood teacher or a veteran looking to “spice it up,” we provide you with a tool kit filled with ways to create meaningful interactions not only at circle time, but all throughout the day.

My Background

Since 1999, I’ve been on a mission to impact as many children as possible through music. I founded Musically Minded in 2003 and with the help of my talented team of teachers, we share the world of music with 1,000+ children each week in and around Seattle, WA.