How to Make Flannel Board Activities FAST!

As a mom to two busy teenagers, time to make beautiful triple layer flannel board activities is just not in the cards. Watch the video below to find out my trick that saves me time, but still brings the flannel board activities alive for kids.

As far as finding felt pieces for your flannel boards, you’ve got two choices, make them using my idea in the video (or cutting awesome flannel board pieces) or buy them.

For those with time on their hands, check out this blog on making felt pieces using freezer paper.

If you are like me and finding the time to get crafty doesn’t happen, I either purchase my flannel pieces from Little Folk Visuals or find images online, laminate and affix velcro to the back. Works like a charm!

I have gotten the most mileage out of the Farm Flannel Board set from Little Folk Visuals. The set seems to have all the flannels I need for a lot of stories. If my story or activity require additional pieces not included in the set, I can easily make them with the flannel I have on hand.

My Flannel Board Box

If you’d like to learn how I made my flannel board box used in the video, check it out here.

Happy Flannel Boarding!

How to Make a Flannel Board Box

When I was about 3 years old, I had a Sunday School teacher, Fern Peterson, who always told us flannel board stories. I loved her and all her stories.

Turns out, flannel board stories still work! I know this because, well, I tell a lot of them and kids are super, duper engaged.

For many years, I had a standard flannel board that I would use and it worked just fine. But then, one of my teachers made me a FLANNEL BOARD BOX!

I haven’t looked back. This thing is so snazzy! It allows me to be mobile at circle time and not stuck to one spot like by the book shelf where the flannel board has been glued.

With my mobile flannel board, if (ok, when) my friends start fooling around on the other side of the circle during the flannel board activity, no worries, I just stand up and move my body and the STORY.NEVER.STOPS!

I also love how it acts as a spot to store my flannels. I keep mine in separate ziplocks inside the box for activities I am currently doing at circle time. That means I always have my materials ready and waiting. When it’s time to start a flannel board activity, I simply reach for the box, open it up, and pull out the activity I am looking for.

This ways it keeps little hands out of my materials and older kiddos don’t get a sneak peek of what’s in store for them.

I’d love for you to have your very own flannel board box, so let’s get on to the directions:

Flannel Board Box Materials

1 Craft Box

1 large piece of flannel (or is it felt 😂)

Measuring Tape (you probably have this already)

Elmer’s Craft Bond Spray

Flannel Pieces for your activities


Check out the way I make flannel board pieces without ever cutting a piece of flannel!

How to Make the Flannel Board

To make the flannel board…

  1. Measure your piece of flannel to fit the front panel of the box. Mine was 12 x 12 and I am guessing that is pretty standard.
  2. Glue the backside of the flannel. Make sure to get both the middle part of the flannel and the edges glued down well. You don’t want this stuff coming off during a super fun flannel story!

That’s it!

Happy Flannel Boarding!