The Sharing Song


This show and tell song will help keep your students engaged and respectful during show and tell. Show and tell isn’t only about giving the children a reason to bringing toys to class. Each child’s social, emotional and language skills will grow and develop from this activity as the children learn to use descriptive language, practice listening skills and share their special items with others. Sharing prized possessions with peers makes for a fun and comfortable learning arena for everyone involved. Try using this show and tell song to help your class stay focused while everyone takes turns sharing. 



Show and tell can be so exciting for children. This makes it important to have a tool that will help them stay focused and calm while other students share. With this song, students will learn to be respectful and patient when others are sharing. With this download, you will receive:

  • The Sharing Song digital audio track – Keep it handy so you’re always ready to sing and play with your students
  • The Sharing Song Activity Guide –  includes what kids learn (goals/objectives), how to teach it, suggested materials/instruments