Ladybug Move


This movement song for preschool is a great addition to any bug unit. Let your little ladybugs explore gross motor movements while they follow along with the lyrics. Add ladybug finger puppets for your students that benefit from having something to hold during an activity. Your students will love using their imaginations to play with their ladybugs. Encourage them to be kind to their ladybugs. This will help them develop emotionally and socially. This movement song will be a great addition to your bug themed circle time.  



Ladybug Move is a movement song for preschool your class will love to dance to over and over again. Let your little ladybugs fly and dance to the beat of this bug song. Try adding it to your circle time to give your kids a movement break! With this download, you will receive:

  • Ladybug Move digital audio track- Keep it handy so you’re always ready to sing and play with your students
  • Ladybug Move Activity Guide –  includes what kids learn (goals/objectives), how to teach it, suggested materials/instruments