Coaching | Circle Time Success
Each teacher has unique needs that can’t always be met in a group setting. That’s why our one-on-one coaching is such a game changer for educators.

Every quarter, teachers will receive a one-hour session with one of our certified and experienced instructors. Teachers will work with their coach to identify areas needing improvement and create a success plan to empower and motivate them.

Everyone’s experience when putting Circle Time Success into practice is unique. This is your opportunity to ask the detailed questions that may not otherwise come up in other trainings and provided materials.
Share your approach to circle time facilitation, and receive helpful feedback from our coaches that you can start implementing right away to take your circle time to the next level of fun, learning, and engagement.
This is an opportunity to combine our expertise with your thorough knowledge of your specific classroom needs. Our coaching sessions can inspire you, the educator, to come up with new ideas right on the spot.
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