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Play-Based Curriculum | Circle Time Success

Our curriculum is designed for early childhood educators looking to incorporate music into their students’ day. Whether a new teacher to early childhood or a veteran looking to “spice it up,” our user-friendly curriculum provides teachers with a tool kit filled with ways to create meaningful interactions with music not only at circle time, but all throughout the day.

No need to go searching for that perfect egg shaker or spend hours on Pinterest looking for a new song. Why? Because each song is accompanied by an activity guide, video demonstration and audio recording.

We carefully select themes that are commonly used in the early childhood setting, and continue to add new themes on a monthly basis.

Each theme contains songs, musical stories and nursery rhymes combined with lots and lots of movement to fully engage children and keep up with their growing curiosity.

We provide a collection of foundational songs in these categories: hello & goodbye, instruments, listening, movement, props, rhymes & fingerplays, school readiness, stories, and transitions.

These songs address important developmental goals, setting children up for success in school and in life.

For each and every song in our curriculum, you receive a detailed activity plan containing the materials needed, facilitation guide, song lyrics, and any visual aides needed.

We also provide a video demonstration and audio recording to assist you in learning and implementing the songs in your circle time.

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