At Circle Time Success, we are passionate about teaming with teachers who want to provide high-quality circle times that are fresh, fun and full of learning.  Unfortunately, lack of planning time can sometimes stand in the way.  At Circle Time Success, we know that finding planning time can be lot trying to find a matching pair of socks in the morning – rare. That’s why we developed a few resources to make your life just a little bit easier. Check ’em out!

circle time curriculum

We can’t wait for you to join this club. Why? Because we do the work for you! No need to spending hours on Pinterest searching for that perfect activity.  Every quarter you will receive a fresh set of lesson plans delivered to your inbox. Filled with songs, movement activities, story ideas and more! Best part is, they give YOU your time back. Reclaim those evenings and weekends once spent planning, and rest assured knowing you have a plethora of circle time activities that work!  How do we know? We not only wrote them, we’ve taught them to students just like yours and they approve!

Curious about how to get started or take your circle to the next level? We thought so! Click here!